Hip hip hoo- hay!

Posted by admin on July 28, 2014

Haymaking is always an exciting time on the farm - the grass is first cut, then turned, then turned again - before being rowed up and baled...

The only essential ingredient is four days of sunshine,  no rain, and ideally a light drying wind to assist the process. We have been hugely lucky again this year - with long periods of hot sunny weather giving us a stress free hay making. Usually it is done with one eye on the gathering clouds and a race against time.

We make both large round bales, and small square bales of hay - much of which we use for feeding sheep in the winter, and some for selling. Once made the hay sits out in the field for a week or so to continue the drying process, and at the moment you can see stacks and bales as far as the eye can see... a great haymaking season for central Scotland.